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Taryn is an Intuitive spiritual artist, oracle card reader, Reki healer and motivational speaker. 

With years of experience in providing a healing retreat that focused on men and women empowering themselves and working with other mediums, healers and Clairvoyants to delve into the world beyond and within. Taryn will be holding this sacred women’s workshop event in a beautiful new location at The wellness Hotel Bangor Sutherland shire.

Have you been experiencing the feeling isolation? Low vibrational feelings?

Are you dimming your light to fit in?Are you wanting to release hidden potential powers that are within you? We are all born to shine big and bright. The universe is expanding and you are part of the universe. So expanding is part of your nature.This workshop is about honouring the divine feminine within, unlocking hidden potentials, expanding and raising your vibration to be the best you can possibly be.

Taryn will be giving you the gifts of.


🦋learning the importance of goddess rituals

🦋goddess activation meditation

🦋opening and activating each of your chakras through movement. (No experience needed)

🦋receiving 2 crystals to own. learning how to clear your Auric field.

🦋creating sacred space

🦋 you receive Taryn’s channeled painted oracle cards for guided soul reading.

🦋healthy lunch provided with blessed and activated crystal/ alkaline water to drink.

🦋All is welcome to join this awakening your goddess within event.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon.

Blessings-of peace and love


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