Taryn was born on the coastal town of Newcastle Australia.

Growing up on the ocean Taryn was able to swim before she could walk. From a young age, Taryn realised she was different than other children – her abilities to connect with spirit and feel other peoples emotions and vivid dreaming overwhelmed her and gave her a sense longing to find like minded spiritual souls to help understand her spiritual journey.

She found a strong pulling towards water. Swimming, surfing, sailing, diving and snorkelling had always gave her a great sense peace and solitude.

Her love for Art started when she left school at the age of 16 to work in an art supply store in a small coastal town.

Taryn has a strong connection to Jellyfish as a box jellyfish nearly took her life while snorkelling, giving her a great respect and love for the energetic connection.

Creative roles always played out in her professional life becoming a chef, artist in film making, then owning her own gallery/ healing centre where she sold and exhibit many pieces her own art.

Finding her soul mate George and becoming a mother of 2 boys helped her connection to be stronger in returning to sacredness of her true self.

Giving her the passion to find her true purpose in the healing of Art.