Goddess of Manifestation has been delivered to her new home my friend was beside herself with gratitude…thank you for raising our spirit energy and helping us rebalance our souls.


Just wanted to say thank you so much Taryn for yesterday. This reading was spot on and gave us inspiration and strength to look ahead and trust in all the signs that we receive daily. You are a ray of sunshine and we can see how much you love what you are doing. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.


Taryn is the most warm loving person her arms are always open. Love her art work and her oracle cards. Every morning I select a card and am always blown away, how do they know what I need to hear for the day. Amazing


I just finished Taryn’s 6 week spiritual development course and what a truly interesting, fun, rewarding and insightful experience it was.

Taryn is an amazing teacher with such a true spiritual gift to share. Taryns energy is so beautiful, which anyone who has met her will know. She knows how to hold space and exactly how to tap into the needs of individuals and the class each week. Many of us grew in confidence with tapping into our own healing and spiritual gifts through Taryn’s guidance as a teacher.

Most weeks we came away with gifts especially for us (for me it was a treasured channeled painting Taryn did for me of my spirit animal).

I’ve also been able to connect with such lovely and like minded people in a safe, non judgmental and supportive environment where we have a been able to open up and grow into our own spiritual gifts through the help of Taryn.

I’d highly recommend this course or any other workshops run by Taryn and hope to do more myself with her.

Nicole Pritchard

Hello there, we have just finished the Spiritual Development 6 week course with the beautiful soul Taryn, and loved every single second of it.

This course is for everyone not just the gifted but the curious too.

Taryn is an amazing human and teacher and has a very beautiful loving & nurturing soul. She finds the right path for every single person in her class, we were so comfortable, and the knowledge we have gained is absolutely priceless and wonderful.

We had all the emotions, we were raw and honest and it was such a rewarding experience to be around like minded beautiful souls.

The 6 weeks flew by, and we learnt so much and have built upon our skills and now have more fabulous friends. Taryn is so patient and has an awesome way of sharing her gift.

All our love Shellie & Lex