The Light Of The Sea Oracle Cards

The Light Of The Sea Oracle Cards


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The light of the sea oracle cards was created to help you connect with nature’s wisdom. To hear whispers of your soul speaking through oceans of time and space.

They will help you open up your intuition and develop your psychic senses.

There is something special about spending time by the sea, Being by the ocean has the ability to help heal that which aids us - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Being by the ocean, in nature, can nurture our spirituality.

Think of these beautiful cards as your own personal intuition deck that will nurture and innate psychic skills so you can conduct powerful readings for yourself or others.

We all hold the answers to our life and we are able to access this valuable knowledge and align ourselves each day by connecting with our soul.

These 40 Oracle cards are a tool to deepen your relationship with your soul and connect you with source of all things, when using this deck try not to see it as a process of seeking answers or guidance from outside yourself rather, I invite you to see each card as a doorway into the portal of your own inner guidance.

You are the Oracle where all wisdom,love, guidance, and support reside.

May these cards Activate, transmit, and promote deep soul remembering.

May the ripple effect of love be With every new shuffle and spread, may the light of the Sea guide you back home to the deepest parts of your heart.