Psychic Development 6 Week Course

Psychic Development 6 Week Course


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Spiritual Development mentorship starting 

Week 1 

understanding spiritual Laws

spirit guides signs from spirit connecting to your intuition meeting your spirit guide through meditation 

week 2 

Understanding Dreams messages, Astral dreaming and learning pyschic awareness  

week 3

Reading Crystals, using the energy in everyday  life, how to do flower readings 

Week 4

Touch & sound healing ,self-awareness learning to balance and understand  energy in your chakras , learning ancient healing techniques from reiki and card readings 

week 5 

Oracle readings with understanding Numerology

Medium ship.

overview going back through the process what you have learnt. Certificate of completion 


just finished Taryn’s 6 week spiritual development course and what a truly interesting, fun, rewarding and insightful experience it was.

Taryn is an amazing teacher with such a true spiritual gift to share. Taryns energy is so beautiful, which anyone who has met her will know. She knows how to hold space and exactly how to tap into the needs of individuals and the class each week. Many of us grew in confidence with tapping into our own healing and spiritual gifts through Taryn’s guidance as a teacher.

Most weeks we came away with gifts especially for us (for me it was a treasured channeled painting Taryn did for me of my spirit animal). 

I’ve also been able to connect with such lovely and like minded people in a safe, non judgmental and supportive environment where we have a been able to open up and grow into our own spiritual gifts through the help of Taryn.

I’d highly recommend this course or any other workshops run by Taryn and hope to do more myself with her.